Windows 8.1 Parental Control

Hi again!

Everybody knows that the Internet is a new world where you can find whatever you want, but at the same time this world can be dangerous if you don’t have the control to stop hazards.

So, the question is… Would you let your kid go alone at night without knowing where he or she is going?

Well this is the same question that you have to do when you allow children to access to the Internet. The world-wide web is full of adult website, scam, virus, drugs and now the most popular way for children to attack other children verbally and emotionally is, cyberbulling.

Fortunately new operating systems take this subject seriously, Microsoft and Apple with every new version of their OS have been introducing improvement in parental control tools. In this article I will explain how to use on Windows 8 Family Safety feature, this time Microsoft has done a good job, solid and better performance is some of the characteristic on Windows had released with this version.

Ok, let’s start with the video:

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