Virtual Box – What is and how to install it

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Some people have been asking me, What is a virtual machine? and What can I do with that in my computer?. Well in simple words, a virtual machine is creating a new computer into your current one. In some cases people only use a 20 or 40 percent of capacity of their computer, normally because they have powerful hardware just to run an Internet browser or a word processor, here is when you can take advantage of a virtual machine and run another operating system in your own computer.

Why should a run another operating system in my computer? Everyone understands that technology is going faster than our knowledge, when we haven’t finish to learn how to use Windows 7, we start hearing Windows 8 is coming (the real case now is Windows 10). The same thing happens with Mac, every operating system is upgrading very quick and we don’t have the time to adjust or learn a new software when this is coming. So better be ready and prevent some headache in the future and why not? try to learn something new, let’s remember with a virtual machine you can run any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux or even Solaris).

Here is a video tutorial how you can install a virtual machine in your computer :) 

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