IT Home Support

Laptop and Computer Troubleshooting Having problems with your computer? Don’t worry. Our experience allows you to have a quick diagnostic and the right solution that you need. Many companies rip you off for replacing a part of the hardware! No way! We don’t play with our clients, no hidden prices because we offer you the choices where you can purchase a part or spare.
Software Rebuild & Upgrades Sometimes you will require a full reinstallation of your operating system. We will provide you with a fixed price quote, make detailed notes of your exact requirements. Here is where IT-Help4you is different, we set a price for the completed job, these include a user backup, clean and reinstall a fresh operating system then leave your machine as you need it. Upgrades are available too, you only need the right license in case isn’t a free upgrade. Windows or Mac OSx needs a carefully requirements before doing this task, don’t struggle with problems, leave us the hard job to IT-Help4you. You always will have the right advice and if is correct to proceed or not. We study everyday and read all information related to new releases, so we know what is happening when a company trying to push you to do an upgrade and at the end maybe your best solution should be to wait or stay in the current version, call us!
Data Recovery Ooooooh no! Accidentally deleted all my favourite photos or that important file. My hard drive sound like a cricket playing inside? Don’t panic! We still can do something about it and rescue all your valuable information, most of the time USB drive and hard drive give us a chance to take all data before finally they die, so call us and we go and save you and your data :D.
Computer and Network Security My friend send me a suspicious email? My bank or company is asking me to check my account? I got a message saying I have a virus? My Internet connection is getting slower? All those situations are very common nowadays and normally present a threat to your computer. Before giving all your information to strangers, ask to IT-Help4you and we help you to protect your financial records, photos, personal emails and other private information from identity thieves. We will explain you in a plain English how and when you are exposed to a risk and how you can minimize the dangers.
Backups Having duplicate copies of your most important information saved in a remote location keeps it safe in case anything goes badly wrong with your computer. When you think about it there are a number of ways files can be lost unexpectedly: Computer crashes, Virus Infection, Hard drive failure, Physical computer damage, Theft. We hear everyday… “I backup my information in a second partition” “I have all my backups in the cloud, I’m safe” All these sentences have a problem. IT-Help4U have the right solution for you.
Virus & Spyware Removal Is your computer running slow? Crashing or deleting or corrupting files? It might be infected with a virus or some other form of malicious software. Fortunately, an infected computer can be fixed. Our experts can help clean your computer off any malicious software’s and all at a very reasonable rate. Our services include: Scan & remove potential virus, Scan & remove adware & spyware programs, Expert advice.
Remote Access Setup & Support Also we offer a Remote Support service enables us to control your computer remotely & fix any software setup & installations related issues. All you need is an internet connection & it takes less than a few minutes to get connected. Call us now to sign up & we can get everything setup for you.
Network Installation & Maintenance In the high tech world today, most of the gadgets in our homes want to be able to connect to the internet, send emails, watch videos online, share photos, play games & a lot more. Furthermore, everyone wants to be able to share music, photos & videos within their home if not with the world. The best way to achieve this is via setting up a network within your home. IT-Help4you experts can help you with this. Just call us & we can come to your home & do all the tricky configuration & setup that will allow all the gadgets in your home to use their internet features to its full potential.