Malware is using a Sony Certificate

Malware is using a Sony Certificate? What this means? In other words, ours computer can be infected easily by this malware. Let’s go back a few days ago when on the news we found out that Sony Corporation was attacked by a criminal hacker organization called GOP (Guardians of Peace) and got stolen valuable information, including four movies no released yet.

Well into the stolen data was a security certificate. A researching and analysis team from Kaspersky reported a discovery of a new trojan variant called “Destover” who is using the Sony certificate to not get caught by your antivirus.

Kaspersky informed that “Destover” have two back doors making two remote IP connections ready to send information from your computer to external servers.

Many antivirus trust in Sony’s certificate, because of this “Destover” has been rapidly successfully infected computers around the world.


Antivirus companies had been working quickly to update their virus databases, meanwhile you should keep your computer updated.

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