Laptops and battery problems

Hi guys! 

Some clients have been asking me how to extend the battery life on laptops. Well, this is probably a common issue for many people when they use their laptop to replace a desktop computer at home and probably that laptop will be plug-in to the power all the time. 

What to do then? A battery need to be healthy in order to extend the battery life. 

How can I keep it healthy? Batteries need to work in a normal process, this means, need to discharge and charge over and over. And the best way to do this is using the whole charge and then when computer asking you to plug-in the laptop do it with a full 100% charge and then unplug it from the power cord and repeat the whole process. This is the best way to keep your battery working well, avoiding future problems.

Here is a typical problem with a battery when it was always plugged in to the power. If it is the first time you see a message in windows “Consider replacing your battery”  you still have an opportunity to rescue it and give it more life time.

Here is the video, I hope you enjoy it:


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