I need Microsoft Office to finish an assessment !

Hi everyone ! 

I came across with a situation where a friend of mine needed Microsoft Publisher to finish an assessment for her college. It’s a training course for one term (around three months). Most of the students didn’t want to spend $100 just for buying the Office solution that is come with Microsoft Publisher (Student version). 

So why you want to spend $100 for a software that you are going to use for such as short period of time?

Solution! Microsoft is always working in the next version of Office (or any product) to push it on the market. Before, we used to call to this a beta version, today it’s called a “Consumer Preview version” and is accessible for everyone for free :). Now keep it in mind this is a not a final release, but I will help you to complete your assessment without spending extra money (keep you bucks for coffee or photocopies).

Where you can download a previews version?

You can find it in this link: https://connect.microsoft.com/directory/non-feedback

The only thing you need is sign up to a Microsoft account and you are done :D 

I will add a video soon to help everyone with the steps. 

Enjoy it !!!