How to clean your computer and other devices

Hello everyone! 

I know this post can sound a bit obvious… How to clean … Everyone know this already, right? But, there are some mistakes that we do when we clean our laptop, computer or other devices. 

Let’s start talking about, Why do I need to clean my electronic devices? What about, “I’m lazy to do it and it looks great with dust, don’t bother”. I know, clean stuffs isn’t a task I enjoy doing it, but if you want to extend the lifetime of your computer or laptop, this is a must-do task. 


Ok, the dust could be your worst enemy, into yours electronic devices, there are two main reasons why dust can harm your computer or laptop. 

  1. Dust blocks the airflow into your computer, due to this, the inside temperature will rise very quickly making your fan spin faster and giving a hard work to cool down your processor. Also, your computer’s performance will be affected, a processor needs a certain right temperature to work well. 
  2. Dust may produce an ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), in other words, dust conduct electricity and cause a short-circuit in any electronic component.

In conclusion dust can cost you money if you don’t take care of it on time.

Here is a short video how you can clean your computer and what not to do, I hope you enjoy it. 


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