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I need Microsoft Office to finish an assessment !
Hi everyone !  I came across with a situation where a friend of mine needed Microsoft Publisher to finish an assessment for her college. It’s a training course for one term (around three months). Most of the students didn’t want to spend $100 just for buying the Office solution that is come with Microsoft Publisher…

100 GB for free on Onedrive if you have a Dropbox account.
Hi guys!  Great news for someone who is looking for more space to store pictures, documents, etc. Microsoft is pushing hard to compete against to Dropbox. OneDrive is giving you 100GB free for one year if you have a Dropbox account. Hurry up! Because is for the first 10 million people to redeem the code.…

How to clean your computer and other devices
Hello everyone!  I know this post can sound a bit obvious… How to clean … Everyone know this already, right? But, there are some mistakes that we do when we clean our laptop, computer or other devices.  Let’s start talking about, Why do I need to clean my electronic devices? What about, “I’m lazy to…

Windows 10 Preview on VirtualBox 4free
Hi everyone !  As I promised, here is a new video tutorial to how to install Windows 10 on your computer under Virtual Box. I hope you enjoy it and share it with more people.