Backup vs Data Recovery

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In this post I’m going to talk about a client who had a bad experience with his computer. A client called me for help because apparently his Windows 7 had crashed and it need to be repair. Well, after a long diagnosis the problem wasn’t a Windows problem, the final result was a hard drive disk failure. So the main question to my client was: Do you need any information from your computer? The answer from the client was: “I urgently need two files from there”.  The dialog became something like this:

IT guy: Do you have a backup of those two files?

Client:  No, and I need those files.

IT guy: Your hard drive can’t read it for any recovery data software, the damage is serious and you have to take your disk to a Data Recovery expert company. 

The client wasn’t happy with the answer, but it was the only hope that he could have. So, makes me wonder. How many people haven’t been done a backup of their information? 

Backup solutions nowadays aren’t expensive, when you consider a data recovering information from a damage hard drive could cost you between $700 and $3,000.

I remember once I was told about the 3 first IT rules. Rule number one: “Backup”, rule number two: “Backup” and rule number three: “Backup”. I laughed, but when I see this type of situation like my client isn’t funny. After all, everyone have important data and lose it will affect you sentimentally or financially. 

In the market are many options for backing up your information, you have from external hard drives, Internet online backups until robot backups (for business purpose). Some of them are free, services like: Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc. maybe will be enough if you have a small size of data. 

My finals question for you. Do you have a backup? yes? Have you ever think about a recovery plan?. If you need any help, remember you always can call us, we will be very happy to assist you in anything that you need. 

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